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Jonathan Adair (born 27 October 1963), better known as Johnny Adair or Mad Dog Adair, is an Ulster loyalist and the former leader of the 'C Company', 2nd Battalion Shankill Road, West Belfast Brigade of the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF). This was a cover name used by the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), a loyalist paramilitary.


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MovieA Los Angeles Times Book Review Favorite Book of the Year
Johnny Mad Dog Movie Download FreeJohnny Mad Dog, age sixteen, is a member of a rebel faction bent on seizing control of war-torn Congo. Laokolé, at the same age, simply wants to finish high school. Together, they narrate a crossing of paths that has explosive results. Set amid the chaos of West Africas civil wars, and acclaimed by such writers as Philip Roth and Chinua Achebe, Emmanuel Dongalas powerful, exuberant, and terrifying new work is a coming-of-age story like no other.
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It would, he said at a press conference, put Liberia on the map, boosting tourism and all that. So why has the Ministry banned 'Johnny Mad Dog', a film set here with original actors, some of those who actually participated in horrifying killings and other acts during the war? The euphoria of the now banned awarding winning movie, 'Johnny Mad Dog', begun sometime late in in the conference room of the Ministry of Information, where the Liberian Movie industry was supposed to get a boost, riding on the back of 'Johnny Mad Dog'. There would be job opportunities. Liberia's limitless tourism potential would benefit for this movie. That was what they said and thought back then. With the go-ahead green light from the Ministry of Information, the filming of the movie begun in late

This film has not been rated by a club leader yet. Be the first to rate this film. This is a searing look at child soldiers in Africa. Set in an unnamed country, the film dives straight in without an introduction as a group of heavily armed kids terrorise the population. Their leader is Johnny Mad Dog, who is in his mid-teens, but some of his followers are as young as ten.

The terrifying childishness of war emerges in this unflinching account of an unnamed civil conflict

Restaging War in the Western World pp Cite as. N early every day, a world-weary battle-hardened child stares out at us from a newspaper or magazine.

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Sign in. Alex Borstein , RuPaul , and other stars at the Emmys answer our fans' burning questions. Watch now. A Colombian woman arrives at a French airport, she acts suspiciously and appears to be concealing something in her locked case. However a search of her bags and her body reveal something customs didn't expect. An intense and solitary teenager, Paul finds himself caught up in a journey for freedom, full of violence, betrayal and hope.

Many films can justifiably claim to have captured the horror of war, but few have done so as mesmerisingly as Johnny Mad Dog. What's more, this French-made film evokes not just war's horror, but also its chaotic, vicious and fundamentally infantile nature. Based on a novel by Congolese writer Emmanuel Dongala, the film shows how war both destroys youth and deploys it as a tool of destruction. Johnny Mad Dog is about child soldiers: boys in their teens, and younger, recruited into the militia and used to implement violence, sometimes of an intensity at which adult soldiers might baulk. At the very start, the film pitches us directly into confusion and frenzy so abruptly that we barely have time to register what's happening. Amid a cacophony of terrified screams and furious yelling, we begin to gather from the staccato-edited images that we're witnessing a raid by a squad of armed boys.

Details: , France, Rest of the world, Cert 15, 97 mins. Direction: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire. Genre: Drama. Summary: A look at the violent world of child soldiers in Liberia. The brutal lives of child soldiers in Africa is brought shockingly to the screen in Johnny Mad Dog, writes Philip French. Brutal but thrilling, this is an astonishing insight into a conflict waged by feral children.

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