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With the 2Conv MP3 converteris an online URL to MP4/MP3downloader tool, you can equally download videos from many other sites, including Instagram, Twitch, and much more. 2Conv URL to MP4 downloader is entirely free for everyone and it supports various resolutions, up to 1080P (HD). Also, this URL downloader works on MacBooks, laptops, and smartphones, it makes the conversion of online videos into digital formats much easier and more flexible. This YouTube Video Converter is also a good online YouTube to MP4 Converter to help you convert YouTube videos to MP3 without any limit. It really helps when you want to listen to the audio of a video only instead of getting distracted by the frames, such as music videos, or lectures.

If you've ever dealt with online video downloaders, you must know the drill, you probably aren't even reading this and are long gone doing your own thing.. But if you never seen such a site before, here I am to explain how to use it in 4 easy steps. We made Vimeo Mp4 Downloader purely for our group of friends, so it is very simple and straight-forward. The site performs 2 functions. One - help users download videos from vimeo. And Two - convert occasional music video from Vimeo to mp3. That's all. Granted, you always need a Video Link to begin. Here's a good quick article explaining how to get that Link.. Then you bring link here and put it in the box above, press Submit and begin the download. For those better visual learners, here's a quick 4-step diagram:

2 - Share, then Copy Link

4 - Submit and Download

They made me write this, I write things for our group of friends. So if you are more like me - the step by step kinda guy - here's a quick write up of things to do to successfully download video from vimeo to mp4... first, here's the action+key-strokes algorithm, the keys I personally would hit and press and actions i would take to get the job done and download My Video from Vimeo on my AMD PC..

How to get video Link from Vimeo on Windows using Google Chrome and keyboard (only)

Open Google Chrome, press CTRL+T to open new tab. Type in and press ENTER. Navigate to My Video. Press F6 to focus on address bar (where Video Link will be). Then press CTRL+C to Copy Video Link into Clipboard. Now press CTRL+T to open new browser tab & type in You can also bookmark our site or use our bookmark-let to be sent here right from Vimeo.. Hit TAB x4 (four times) OR simply click in the White Box. Press CTRL+V to Paste Video Link. Now press ENTER or click SUBMIT. Download My Video from Vimeo on the next page.

As you may now concur, it is quite easy to use Of course I don't have to use keyboard. It's quite fast to use mouse, and mouse only. Here's what I'd do, if I were required not to touch my keys.. I like keys... I am also assuming both Vimeo and Vimeo Downloader are in the Browser Bookmarks. To bookmark a website press CTRL+D+ENTER or grab its address in the address bar and drag it to the Bookmarks section of your Browser...

How to get Vimeo video Link on Windows using Google Chrome and mouse (no keyboard)

Click on in Browser Bookmarks. Find My Video on Vimeo. If My Video is in some feed, I Right Click on video and select Copy Link Address in the menu. If video is on its own page, I Right-Click in the browser address bar and select Copy. Or I click Share button, then click in the Link box. Text is auto-selected, or I manually select it with mouse. Now I Right Click on selected text in the same box, and pick Copy from the menu. The remaining is to click New Tab icon, click on in bookmarks to open the site. Right Click in the white box, select Paste in the context menu. Click on SUBMIT button.

Instructions to copy Vimeo video Link URL on Android are exactly the same. If using browser, replace click for Tap and Right-Click for Tap & Hold... So it will read 'Tap & Hold on the video, select Copy (or doubling copy icon) in the menu that pops up. Or tap & hold on the browser address bar, in the menu tap Select All or its icon, then tap Copy or its icon, navigate to .., Tap & Hold in the White Box, select Paste, usually the only option, Tap SUBMIT'. If using vimeo app, look for Share button, tap it, a Standard Share Menu with contacts, emails and earlier ways will show, find Copy To Clipboard option and tap that. Then back to browser and act from there...

With the number of online video sites increasing rapidly, the content has also increased manifold. Movies, shows, and videos of all types and categories are available on these sites to enjoy them online. But in situations when you want to watch these videos offline or multiple times, you need to download them. Moreover, downloading them to your device compatible format is also important. So to make your online videos play on your choice of media player and devices, converting URL to MP4 is the apt solution. There is no dearth of the link to MP4 converters, and to help you make a choice, the listed below are the top 10 converters for a link to MP4 online and desktop.

Part 1. Best URL to MP4 Converter for Windows/Mac

If you are looking for a high-quality link to MP4 download and conversion with additional features, you need professional software, not online tools. Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is recommended for your best link to MP4 converter as this is an excellent video toolbox with a wide array of features. It supports 1000+ video and audio formats so that you can convert any URL to any format video or audio files. Compatible with Windows and Mac system, the program is super fast and results in lossless quality videos.

Wondershare UniConverter

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.
  • Convert URL to MP4, MP3, MOV, 3GP, AVI, and other 1000+ video/audio formats without losing quality
  • Convert URL from YouTube and other 10,000 video sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo
  • Support batch processing where multiple files can be processed at a time
  • The entire YouTube playlist with subtitles can be downloaded with just a single click
  • APEXTRANS technology results in a 30X super faster conversion speed than online tools
  • Downloaded and converted videos can be transferred to an array of devices directly
  • Edit downloaded videos with cutting, merging, rotating, adding special effects, adding metadata, editing subtitles, etc.
Convert url to video mp4

Steps to convert YouTube/Facebook/Instagram URL to MP4 easily on Windows/Mac

Step 1 Copy the URL you need to download and convert.

On your PC/Mac browser, open the YouTube or any other video URL that you want to download and convert to MP4. A YouTube playlist can also be selected. Copy the URL.

Step 2 Launch Wondershare link to MP4 converter and convert URL to MP4.

Open Wondershare URL to MP4 converter on your PC/Mac. Switch to the Downloader tab, click on the + icon on the left-top corner, and a setting window will appear. Choose the MP4 format and video resolution you want from the Download Video section, click on the Download option to start downloading the YouTube playlist.

Bonus Step Convert URL to other formats.

You're allowed to convert your URL to MP4 or more other video formats like MOV/AVI/MKV and more. Enable the Download then Convert Mode button and choose the video format you want from the Video tab. For example, if you need to download an M4V video from YouTube, you can select the M4V format as the output format. The downloaded file will be automatically converted to your selected format.

Part 2. Top 9 URL to MP4 Online Converters

1. Online-Convert

This free online tool allows adding URL and local files for conversion to MP4 and an array of other formats. The program can be accessed directly from your browser and features a simple interface. And the conversion process is fast and results in decent quality output files. Also, data can be added from Dropbox or Google Drive if needed.

Key Features:

● Supports adding files from URL, PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

● Allows choosing output file parameters like screen size, bit, rate, frame rate, and others.

● It supports a wide array of formats for conversion.

● Allows saving the edited settings of the output file for future conversion.

2. Online Video Converter

It is free to use a web application program that allows converting your links to many audio and video formats. The program can be directly accessed from all modern browsers and is simple to use. Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, and other similar sites are supported for video download.

Key Features:

● Allows converting URL as well as local files to an array of audio and video formats.

● It supports high-quality conversion at fast speed.

● It supports all modern browsers.

● A wide range of formats for the conversion is supported, including MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, and others.

● The program also available for mobile access on Windows, Apple, and Android platform.

3. ClipConverter

It is one of the popular online programs that facilitate recording, converting, and downloading an array of audio and video URLs to popular formats. It is a free converter, and some of the popular supported sites include Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and others. There is also an option to select the quality of the converted file. The process of download and conversion is fast and simple, using this link to the MP4 tool.

Key Features:

● Free to use and needs no download, installation, or registration.

● Supports adding URLs from many sites.

● It allows downloading and converting URL to MP4, 3GP, AVI, and other video and audio formats.

● YouTube download of HD, 720p, 1080p, and 4K supported.

● Direct files can also be uploaded for conversion.

● This online program is created and developed by a German Company known as Luna web Ltd.

4. CoolUtilis

This online URL to MP4 converter has a simple interface with basic download and conversion features. The program is free to use, and no registration is needed. In addition to MP4, the application supports conversion to MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG format.

Key Features:

● A free online converter has a simple interface.

● Allows adding URL for conversion in decent quality.

● The converted file can be downloaded from the interface.

5. ConvertFiles

Convert Url To Mp4 Download

This free online program works as a great way to convert URL to MP4 in good quality and at fast speed. You can even add the local files from your PC if needed for the conversion. The program requires no download, installation, or registration and has a simple interface.

Key Features:

● It supports adding links for an array of sources.

● It supports a wide range of input formats.

● In addition to MP4 and other videos, the program supports conversion to an array of file types, including EBook, documents, and others.

● You can download the converted file directly from the interface or get the desired mail link.

● The maximum file size supported for download and conversion is 250MB.

6. Zamzar

Zamzar is one of the most widely used online conversion programs that supports over 1200 file formats. It also works as an excellent tool to convert links to MP4 videos and other formats. Simple interface, quick conversion, no download, and free use make it a favorite among the users.

Key Features:

● Allows adding files from URL as well as PC for conversion.

● In addition to MP4, added files can be converted to a range of file types and formats.

● The download links of the converted files are sent directly to the provided email id.

● Up to 50MB files can be added for conversion.

7. Convertio

Another name in the list of a top video link to MP4 converters is Convertio. The program is free to use and needs no registration. You can add files from URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, or PC for conversion. Once added, the conversion process is fast, and the output file quality is also good. The interface is simple and easy to use, even for the new users.

Key Features:

Convert Url To Mp4 Download Youtube

● Supports adding files for conversion from multiple sources.

● A wide array of formats supports for conversion.

● Converted files can be downloaded from the program interface or added directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

8. Convert to MP3

This online converter allows downloading and converting videos from URL through YouTube, Clipfish, and Dailymotion. The program is free to use and needs no registration. An array of video and audio formats is supported for conversion. There is also an option to search for the desired video link at the program interface.

Key Features:

● Allows adding URL and converting it to MP4 and other video and audio formats.

● Option to select output file resolution and quality.

● It allows search for the desired video on the program interface.

9. AConvert

This online converter works as a decent URL to MP4 converter as it allows adding files from URL in addition to local files, Google Drive, and Dropbox. An array of popular video formats is supported by the tool as an output format. The interface is simple, and the conversion process is quick.

Key Features:

● A free-to-use online converter needs no installation.

● Add URLs from multiple sources.

● Option to change the size, bit rate, and frame rate of the output file.

Convert From Url To Mp4

● The output file can be downloaded from the interface or directly saved to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Part 3. Limitations for Online URL to MP4 Converters

Online tools to convert links to MP4 are good options, but they have their share of limitations, as discussed below.

● Limited Download speed: Since URL to MP4 converter online works straight from the browser, it is completely dependent on the availability and the speed of the internet connection. Moreover, the URL download and conversion speed of these converters is slow as compared with the professional software as these are dependent on the speed of your net connection.

● No batch or playlist download supported: Online converters come with a basic download and conversion features. The majority of these converters supports a limited file size for download and conversion. Thus, if you want to batch process your URLs or download an entire playlist, the online converter is not the right choice.

● Limited format compatibility: The number of formats supported by online programs is limited as compared with the professional desktop software. There is limited format support for download and conversion with these online tools.

● No option to choose video quality: The conversion quality using online converters is very basic. A majority of the tools do not give you the freedom to select the desired output quality.

So if you want to get a better experience when converting link to MP4, Wondershare UniConverter will be your best choice as it supports batch downloading playlist, more output formats, super fast speed, video editing, and more others. Free download and follow the steps in Part 1 to have a try.

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